Visit the Swiss village of Iseltwald in the hit movie 'Landing where you'


Find the coordinates of the Swiss village of Iseltwald that appeared in the hit movie "Landing where you" and how to get to the beautiful places in this movie!
Not because Captain Ri is so cool, nor because Se Ri shines in the sun, "Landing where you" also crushed hearts because the scene of the Swiss village of Iseltwald appears both poetic and love. 
The cult movie "Crash Landing On You - Crash Landing On You" has been filming, but the aftermath of the film, about the romantic scene that the two main characters stop, still make people admire.

Scenes of love, along with the rhythm of the film, were taken in Iseltwald Switzerland - a peaceful fairytale village by Lake Brienz. This is where the male protagonist went to study abroad with the dream of becoming a pianist. Also in that scene, Captain Ri played a lyrical, full of romance and made people want to find it here.

Visit the Swiss village of IseltwaldCaptain Ry plays the piano on Lake Brienz

Specifically, Lake Brienz is a lake in the north of the Alps, Canton Berne, Switzerland. It is approximately 14 km long, 2.8 km wide, and a maximum depth of 260 m. Its area is 29.8 km2 and is 564 m above sea level. This lake is nourished by the upper Aar River at the eastern end and the Lütschine, which flows from the valleys of Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen, in the western corner.
Surrounding the lake are mountains and forests, covered with clouds all year round, hanging from the hillside. The emerald green watercolor, with lyrical natural scenery, sparkling the golden roof folds, creates the peace for the Swiss village of Iseltwald.
Every season changes, Lake Brienz wears a new shirt that changes color, spring comes emerald in color like in the movie "Landing where you", summer turns blue, autumn brings dark yellow reflected by In autumn leaves, in winter, the water color turns blue, and the scenery is covered with white snow.
The village by Lake Brienz is known as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, becoming an endless inspiration for artists, perhaps that is why the film has the boy who loves music shoot by the piano right at the lake, in the large natural space. 

How to move to the Swiss village of Iseltwald

The specific Swiss village of Iseltwald is located in the town of Interlaken , which is dubbed the town among the lakes. From Interlaken you need to take the bus to Iseltwald village which takes about 16 minutes (bus ticket is about 2-4 euros). Or if you want, you can take the Ferry ferry to the port along the river to see the village (ferry ticket price is 20 Euro).
Also in the movie "Landing where you" Ri Jung Hyeok and her girl Yoon Se Ri also take viewers to many beautiful places. It could be Kleine Scheidegg, the first stop of the train to the top of Jungfraujoch - the roof of Europe. 
The suspension bridge in the middle of the mountain that the Seri girl plans to dance is called Panorama Sigriswil , the longest suspension bridge in the world between Aeschlen and Sigriswil in the capital Bern, Switzerland. Possessing a length of 340 m, the work stretches over Gummi Gorge with a height of 180 m. From the view here, visitors can admire the entire surrounding landscape such as the Bernese Alps, Thun Lake or the surrounding villages ...
Next, there is a scene in Lindenhof is a public square located in Zurich, the opening scene when the two main characters pass each other is also vivid and extremely impressive. This place is known as one of the most beautiful and livable cities in the world. Standing here, visitors can admire the wonderful views of the old town, Grossmunster church and the Limmat river.
Grossmunster Church is also a prominent image appearing in this cult film. This is considered a typical symbol of the city of Zurich . Inside the church, there are specially decorated windows with Roman-style architecture. Visitors must climb 200 steps in the North Tower to have the opportunity to admire the panoramic city and Lake Zurich. The crypt house of the country's largest mosque is also located here.
The other romantic spots in the footage could be somewhere around LauterBrunnen, Wengen or Mürren. If you have the opportunity to travel to Switzerland, remember to check-in for all the beautiful scenes in the movie Landing where you are!
The scenes of the Swiss village of Iseltwald only appear nearly 30 minutes in 16 episodes, but are repeated, suggesting in the memory of the two main characters, so viewers are more curious and sought by are these ecstatic shooting scenes. That's why many girls wish to have a Captain Ry, conquer and check-in around the world!