Interesting coastal travel experiences of East Australia


Experience the East Australian coast where the Great Barrier Reef is located, with many interesting tourist activities.
The tour begins with a vivid turquoise sea that begins to emerge from the ocean of sapphire. The moment that doesn't give you too much time to admire, every time the plane crashes out of the smooth cloud, I catch a glimpse of the beautiful Great Barrier reef below. Unexpectedly it was one of the Seven Wonders of the World out the window! As I left Cairns airport, embarked on a tour of the East Australian coast!

Visit the Great Barrier reef

The first day of trip undergo experimental Australian east coast, we boarded a boat and set sail from the coast of Cairns to the Great Barrier Reef. I don't think anything compares to the moment when I first went diving in the reef when I was seven. I remember feeling like Little Mermaid Ariel, in a magical land of rainbow corals, surrounded by millions of fish friends. The vivid memory of my first reef visit begins to return to me as we spend hours exploring this enchanting underwater world, swimming among the reefs and stingrays , clown fish, sharks and turtles.

Whitsundays Islands and Whitehaven Beach

The next adventure we started with was an overnight boat ride to the Whitsundays. It is one of the most popular sailing spots in the world - the place is amazing. We spent the afternoon on the deck of a sailing boat, soaking in the sunlight, admiring the landscape. We have found a few whales in the distance!

The most exciting East Australia coast experiencesBoat ride to the Whitsundays Islands.

At night during  underwent experimental Australian East coast this  we are covered by a blanket of stars twinkling in the night sky at large. I longed to sleep on the deck to fully appreciate the greatness of the night sky, but the night breeze was quite cold!
The next day we anchored at the very famous Whitehaven beach . Known for very fine sand made up of 98% silica. With its clear water and pristine sand, I can now see why Whitehaven is considered one of the best beaches in the world.

Daydream Island

The next stop in our journey undergoing experimental Australian east coast is Daydream Island. The island is essentially a huge resort, so this is a very popular spot for those who prefer all kinds of package vacations. My time on Daydream Island is to spend time eating buffet, drinking cocktails at swimming bars, boating at sea and lying in dreamy hammocks in the afternoon. It is definitely an ideal time to relax!
After getting bored of the coastal activities we were headed to a farm. We absolutely love the way we live day and night at Myella Farm Stay: eating freshly baked Anzac biscuits and riding horse to watch the splendid sunset on the farm are one of the many highlights of the entire travel experience. coast of East Australia.

 Fraser Island

The next destination on our East Australian coast experience  adventure is what I like the most. Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world , making it one of the most unique and diverse places to explore in Queensland. We spent the whole day driving 4 wheel drive across the island during our Cool Dingo excursion. We sail on the clear waters of Lake Mackenzie, explore the famous shipwreck Maheno, float on the Eli River, hike through the world's only sandy rainforest and even take a scenic flight above Island - all in one day.
One of the coolest parts about the tour we did was learn about the island's aboriginal history. Learning more about the land's indigenous history made me feel more connected to Fraser Island and really appreciate it.

Visit Brisbane

After Fraser Island, we found our way down the coast and stopped at Brisbane city  and Surfers Paradise at Gold Coast. Brisbane is definitely not the coolest or most beautiful city, but it has a special vibe because this is where I was born.
On our way to the surfers town, we stopped to see the beautiful natural bridge in Springbrook National Park before heading to Byron Bay for a snorkeling. I wandered down to the beach and found myself intrigued by the sounds of nearby bus drivers, watching groups of teenagers lurking around colorful trucks. Walking along the beach, I felt quite euphoric. The sky changes a million different colors before the sun finally falls below the dim horizon.
For me, my two weeks to Cairns and experiencing the East Australian coast was a wonderful feeling, helping me to discover more of the beautiful Great Barrier, immersed in the natural life here!