Basel Switzerland - peaceful city on the romantic Rhine River


Basel in Switzerland is a city with peaceful and peaceful beauty, however, if you look closely, you will discover that Basel is also a very multicultural and creative place. And it is the mix of gentle beauty mixed with a bit of personality that makes Basel become an interesting place for visitors to come here can freely explore and admire. 
During your trip to Switzerland , if you have the opportunity to visit several landmarks including Basel, take one to two days to go and fully enjoy the beauty of the natural scenery, architecture and literature. This city's chemical, you will find a lot of fun things to do while in Basel.
Below will be Basel city travel experiences , including travel, where to stay, what to eat, what to play here.

1. You may not know - Something interesting about the city of Basel

Basel is a beautiful city located in the northwestern part of Switzerland. Although the population is only about 200,000 people, it is the third largest city in Switzerland.
Basel is sometimes called the flower on the romantic Rhine River, this is the second longest river in Europe originating in the Alps. The Rhine River divides the city into two parts, one side is the old town area - the old business center, and the other side houses modern architecture, restaurants, bars, and exhibition areas. Across the land, there are four bridges spanning the Rhine, the most famous of which is the oldest Mittlere Brucke bridge in Basel (800 years old), which connects the two parts of the city.

All experiences in Basel Switzerland travel are very detailedThe city of Basel - a flower on the romantic Rhine River

The city of Basel also has a very special position when it is located at the junction of the Swiss - French - German border. From Basel, you can walk to get to Germany , or take a train across the river to reach France , or vice versa. So while traveling to Europe , some tourists often arrange itinerary to be able to visit these three beautiful countries together.
In Basel, the popular language is German, in addition English is also used here to communicate with tourists.
Although the population is not much, but this is a knowledge city with the owner of the oldest university in Switzerland, many exhibition areas, six large museums, and many large theaters. In addition, the city of Basel also plays an important role in the Swiss economy as it thrives on industry and chemicals.
It is true that Basel is an extremely developed city, both in terms of economy, culture, knowledge, and arts, promising that this is a Swiss destination that attracts many tourists to visit.

2. Basel travel experience - Things to know before going

How to get to Basel

Whether by air, rail or road, traveling to Basel is easy
- By plane, EuroAirport is only 15 minutes from the city center. There is an interesting thing that you should know that EuroAirport airport is located right near the border of the three countries, although completely located on French territory, it is operated by both France and Switzerland. The full name of this airport is EuroAirport Basel - Mulhouse - Freiburg (compounded from the unique name of the three countries: Switzerland, France, Germany).
By train: train stations connect Basel with other cities across Switzerland and Europe
- By car: no problem when the roads here are very clear and flat, almost all hotels have parking.
- Walking: can be an economical option depending on your destination, no matter where you are close to the French-German-Swiss border.

Transportation in Basel

In Basel, most people travel by public transport such as trains, buses, trains, because they are quite cheap, but operate with high capacity and frequency, lots of snow. up to 20 hours / day.
Another interesting thing is that at each station there is always a countdown timer so you can keep track of how long it will take for the next bus to appear, rest assured that they are accurate to that second.
Remember to always buy a ticket from a vending machine near the pick up station before getting on. You do not need to show the driver or scanner to check automatically, but if you do not buy, you will be found to be a heavy fine. The fine is up to CHF 60 (1.4 million VND) instead of buying tickets only 2.2 CHF (about 50 thousand VND). This is to improve everyone's self-awareness.

Where to stay in Basel?

There are many lovely hotels in Basel, both in the city center and in the suburbs, and here are the top options you can choose from:
- Luxury: Hotel Basel 4 * (€ 150- 180 / night) is located right in the city center. This bright, airy hotel is a great place to relax and get tired after a day exploring the city.
- Mid-range: East-West Riverside Hotel 3 * (€ 105-125 / night) is located on the waterfront with views of the Middle Bridge. This hotel is a great place to stay as it is quite close to most of the main attractions in the city with just a few minutes walk
- Cheap: Ibis Budget Hotel Basel 1 * (€ 50-80 / night), cheap, clean and fun, 1.5km from the city center and a great place to stay if you want to save money Books are spent on sightseeing, enjoying food rather than for staying.

3. What should Basel tourism explore?

Explore the romantic Rhine River

The Rhine plays a particularly important role in the life of the people of Basel city. Walking on the riverbank, take your eyes away to see this peaceful river, the ships running slowly on the river, the two banks are adjacent to each other.
Watching the sunset on the banks of the Rhine is an extremely romantic and sweet thing that you should try once in your life.

All experiences in Basel Switzerland travel are very detailedThe Mittlere Bruecke Bridge is the oldest and oldest in Basel

Walking on the old town
The old town of Basel is located on the west side of the Rhine River, there are extremely beautiful street corners with romantic cobbled streets that you will want to spend time wandering on. See houses with distinctive Gothic and Renaissance architecture.
What you need to do is not be too surprised by what you will see here. Wander or take a guided tour to learn about the history of this old town.
Visit the Rathaus town hall in the central square, built to represent the event that Basel joined the Swiss federation in 1501. Inside the building is decorated with many iconic legal drawings, town hall, together with exquisitely carved statues
If the old town is the soul of Basel, then the old church of Basel is the soul of the old town. The cathedral is located close to the banks of the Rhine, visitors wanting to reach the church will go through the paved streets at their feet, and past hundreds of years old houses.

Visit museums in Basel
The city of Basel is famous for many museums or exhibitions about history, art and architecture.
You can visit some museums when traveling to Basel such as: Tinguely Museum (Museum of Art), Swiss Architecture Museum (Museum of Architecture), Museum of Cultures in Basel (Museum of Culture), Basel Paper Mill Museum (Paper Museum) ...

Attend Fasnacht street festival in Basel

This is one of the best Swedish festivals. The street parade festival is held annually in February - March in Basel, the parade team can reach 10,000 people, they wear colorful costumes, wear funny masks and go around the street is in the drum, the trumpet is bustling.

4. Food discovery in Basel

You will never be short of great food and drink options in Basel! There are many fancy restaurants and cafes along the river near the Mittlere Brücke Bridge.
However, according to the Basel travel experience , restaurants with very expensive costs, especially drinks such as wine, are even more expensive. You can save money by eating street food, which is quite delicious at a more affordable price.
Some Basel specialties - Swiss cuisine that you should try are:
Baseler Läckerli: attractive brown biscuits made with ingredients such as cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, honey, citrus candy, almonds, and Kirsch cherry wine. You can find Baseler Läckerli in any bakery and supermarket in Basel
Basler Mehlsuppe: a powdered soup made from beef, brown flour, onions, decorated with a small cheese on top, often appearing at the Fasnacht festival of the Basel people.

All experiences in Basel Switzerland travel are very detailedBasler Mehlsuppe Powder Soup

Bread such as Schlumbergerli, Brot, Fastenwähe, Hefegugelhopf, Schoggiweggli, Brunsli ... will also make you fascinated.


Traveling to Basel Switzerland is a great experience when arriving in beautiful Europe. You will have peaceful and relaxing days in this peaceful city.
Hopefully, the above Basel travel experiences will help you have a successful and memorable trip!