Check in the beautiful white Masjid Jamiul Azhar Mosque in An Giang


Masjid Jamiul Azhar Mosque is not only a famous religious monument but also an attractive tourist destination in An Giang, making many visitors infatuated by its splendid architecture and beautiful scenery.

An Giang is a large land with many different ethnic communities living together. Besides the Kinh, An Giang Cham people, with their long history and cultural capital, have built beautiful churches like Mubarak, Mas Jid Khay Ri Yah and especially Masjid Jamiul Azhar - the work is dubbed the most beautiful and oldest Mosque in Vietnam.

History of the Masjid Jamiul Azhar Mosque

Masjid Jamiul Azhar is not only considered a religious symbol of Muslim residents, but also an An Giang tourist destination not to be missed with many Western tourists . Many people who have come here have commented that whether you are a Muslim or not, surely the splendid beauty of the project will make you fall in love.


Check in Masjid Jamiul Azhar Mosque - the most beautiful mosque in VietnamThe work is known as the most beautiful mosque in Vietnam. Photo: dulichvietnam


Indeed, Jamiul Azhar Mosque has a distinctive architecture reminiscent of Islamic buildings in the far Middle East - promising to be an attractive stop for tourists from far away to visit the southwestern lands. As for Muslims, this is one of the sacred places of Islam in the West in general and the An Giang region in particular, if there is no chance of pilgrimage to Mecca.

Masjid Jamiul Azhar is one of the biggest churches in An Giang and is located in Chau Phong commune, An Giang province. This religious building was built in 1959, initially covered with leaves, mainly built of wood. In 1922, the cathedral was built more solidly with lime walls and tiled roofs and underwent many renovations and repairs until 2012, when officially restored and expanded again. On August 3, 2014, the project was completed and inaugurated.


Check in Masjid Jamiul Azhar Mosque - Attractive beauty Attractive beauty makes young people fall in love. Photo: gody.vn


Up to the present time, the Masjid Jamiul Azhar Mosque has undergone five remodeling and more specifically, the most recent embellishment is according to the drawing of an Indian architect, with reference and based on the types of churches popular in India, Persia.

With the dome and the crescent moon symbol and the unique Islamic texture and decoration, Masjid Jamiul Azhar is considered one of the most beautiful mosques in Vietnam today.

As soon as you arrive at Jamiul Azhar Cathedral , visitors realize that the building is pure white but mysterious in the middle of the rice fields. This is where Cham Muslims in An Giang gather, pray and find a peaceful place.

If you are passionate about the architectural works bearing the imprint of religion and culture in the West of the river, hurry and travel to An Giang once to experience an interesting trip, try many delicious dishes.


Guide to the Jamiul Azhar Mosque

Masjid Jamiul Azhar Cathedral is located in Chau Phong commune, Tan Chau town of An Giang province. The road here is quite easy to move and has many different ways to go, depending on where you start.

If you depart from Ho Chi Minh City, you move toward Binh Chanh, cross the overpass at Binh Thuan intersection and then turn to National Highway 1A. Tourists continue to go about 16km more to reach My Yen bridge, Vinh Loc and then cross to Ben Luc bridge. From here you take the car about 14km more, you will cross Tan An Bridge and reach the first territory of Tien Giang province, run another 16km, you will reach My Tho city. Remember to stop here for a moment to rest and enjoy the famous My Tho noodle dish Then, continue your journey by turning to the direction of National Highway 1A and going about 65km to cross My Thuan Bridge and to the territory of Vinh Long province.


Check in Masjid Jamiul Azhar Mosque - located in Chau Phong commune, Tan Chau town, An GiangThe church is located in Chau Phong commune, Tan Chau town, An Giang. Photo: thamhiemmekong


From here, you go to Highway 80 and continue to go further 16km to reach Sa Dec city - Dong Thap. From this famous city of rice and lotus, you continue to pass Highway 80 about 35km more to cross Vam Cong bridge. At this point, you have reached the territory of An Giang province.

At this point, the journey to the Masjid Jamiul Azhar Mosque has been much shorter. Because you only need to run about 10km more to reach Tan Chau town. A beautiful white church on the other side of the Hau River will gradually appear in front of visitors. On this side of the river is the high-rise city of Chau Doc, the busy, bustling wide road, and on the other side of the river across Chau Giang ferry is a quiet Cham village.

If you depart from Long Xuyen and follow the direction to Chau Doc, you will also follow the road to Chau Giang ferry terminal. As soon as you pass the ferry, just turn left and run for a while to see the Mubarak Mosque. At this time, you continue to turn right and go about 1km more to reach the Jamiul Azhar mosque.

The unique design of the Jamiul Azhar Mosque

It can be said that Masjid Jamiul Azhar is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Vietnam, first of all in the beautiful design of this project. Dressed in beautiful white and emerald green colors with a distinct but unobtrusive look with peaceful surroundings, which are not only a religious destination for the locals but also attracts local visitors. Visit for its elegant appearance, delicate décor and tales that have been passed down from many generations by indigenous peoples.

All make up an attractive beauty that visitors extremely like, especially young people. Just once arriving at this attractive tourist destination An Giang , you can not only learn about a famous religious project, but also freely explore and choose strange angles for thousands of photos. Along Travel Vietnam stepped inside the Cathedral and gradually discover the beautiful white building them!

As soon as you enter the gate to visit Masjid Jamiul Azhar , the first point you see is a small cemetery located right in front with rows of simple stone steles, above with the names of the deceased. According to the local people, this is the burial place of many Muslims all over Vietnam. That scene creates a mysterious space but also contains many behind stories that make you want to be discovered and explored.


Check in Masjid Jamiul Azhar Mosque - A small cemetery is located right at the entranceA small cemetery is located right at the entrance. Photo: Mytour.vn


Continue inside Masjid Jamiul Azhar Mosque, you will admire the symbol of a crescent moon and a star - the characteristic decoration of Islamic buildings. More specifically, this place does not worship any divine images because Muslims consider Allah the highest and only God.

This religious building is also fancyly designed with two main colors, white and emerald green, so it's elegant as well as gentle for the scene. However, the work is still not monotonous thanks to the highlight of the high and wide arches inherent in Islamic architecture. There are also stylized border patterns on the door frames, interwoven with crescent moon symbols in ancient traditions of Islam. All contribute to creating a special appearance for the entire church. Visitors will have the feeling of standing in front of a unique artistic masterpiece.

If Truc Lam An Giang Monastery is in the traditional Buddhist architecture, Van Linh Pagoda is designed with the essence of the East, the Masjid Jamiul Azhar Mosque is extremely prominent in the sun in An Giang because of the background.  All create a unique scene but also full of charm, elegant blue and white building blending with blue sky and white clouds makes everyone want to see longer.


Check in Masjid Jamiul Azhar Mosque -The stone pillars, floors, chandeliers are very specialStone pillars, floors, very special chandeliers, sharp lines. Photo: gody.vn


It seems that in every corner of the Masjid Jamiul Azhar religious building, from the entrance, to the front facade, the left-right side and even inside the building, visitors can easily find one. New photography angle, creating eye-catching frames, occupying social networks.

Back inside the cathedral, visitors can also see many stone pillars, floor tiles and each very special chandeliers, decorated with sharp lines, causing visitors to exclaim. As expected, the most beautiful Muslim mosque in Vietnam . In addition, this place is not only a place of worship but also used as a cultural education center of the Cham people.

Learn about the life of the Cham people in An Giang

Coming to Masjid Jamiul Azhar Mosque , visitors not only can admire the largest and most beautiful mosque in Vietnam, but also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the daily life of the Cham people in a land famous for palm trees and these kinds of fish sauce.

For Muslims, one of the five important commandments is to make pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a lifetime. However, for the Muslim community in Vietnam, many people who cannot afford to travel far can choose for themselves the pilgrimage to An Giang and stop at the major mosques here, but typically is Jamiul Azhar Cathedral .

Here, each day there will be 5 main ceremonial times: Before sunrise, before noon, at dusk, at night and just before going to bed. This is a unique cultural feature of the Cham and Muslim people that they carefully keep as the ancient traditions from ancient times to this day.

After visiting the Cathedral and learning about Muslim prayer times of the day and in time, take a walk through the small streets through the small village. You can easily see many indigenous residents wearing traditional Cham costumes in daily activities. Accordingly, men wear sarongs, while women wear abaja and especially the hijab.


Some notes when visiting  Masjid Jamiul Azhar Cathedral

The An Giang Mosque in general and Masjid Jamiul Azhar in particular do not charge a fee to visit the tourist area. But some notes for you is to pay attention to choosing the right outfit and keep order, not make noise when moving inside.


Check in Masjid Jamiul Azhar Mosque - visit the beautiful CathedralAbout An Giang do not forget to visit this beautiful cathedral. Photo: Mytour


Mosque is also a place of religious practice, there are some more rules about religion of Muslims, so you need to keep in mind the following rules:

- Women who are in their menstrual period are not allowed to step inside the main mosque of Masjid Jamiul Azhar Mosque .

- Muslims will strictly observe 5 times of the day's ceremony, before sunrise, before noon, late afternoon, evening and before going to bed, so visitors should visit at this time.