The unique and beautiful beauty of Luc Yen Yen Bai gemstone market


Luc Yen gemstone market is one of the unique cultural beauty of Yen Bai province. This place contains many unique and exotic things. Therefore, Luc Yen market not only attracts business people, but also is a favorite destination for many tourists when having the opportunity to visit Yen Bai. 
Luc Yen Market is one of the largest markets selling gemstones in Vietnam. This gemstone market has a history of more than 30 years, opened by the people in the Luc Yen Gem Association; hence it is very reputable and the gem products sold here are very quality.

Time to organize Luc Yen Yen Bai gemstone market

Luc Yen is a district located in the northern region of Yen Bai province. This place is the famous land of Yen Bai. It not only attracts tourists by its special topography and peaceful and peaceful natural scenery, but also attracts visitors by the small market selling Luc Yen gems. This market is not too far from Yen Bai city about 90km to the East. Therefore, when traveling to Yen Bai you can conveniently arrange the time to visit this unique 1-0-2 market.

Famous gemstones at Luc Yen Yen Bai gemstone marketThe famous gemstone at Luc Yen Yen Bai market is loved by many people
To this day, this gemstone market still retains its simple and rustic beauty. Therefore, Luc Yen market is also one of the famous Yen Bai destinations that many tourists love and visit. The items sold at the market are the famous gems of this land. Therefore, gem lovers will not be able to miss an attractive destination such as the Luc Yen gemstone market . 
Can visitors visit the market on any day of the week? Because Luc Yen market is open every day. Normally, the market will be crowded with buyers and sellers around 3-4 o'clock and depending on the weather, sellers and buyers can visit the market later or earlier than expected.
Around 7:00 am, gem sellers have begun to appear in the market to sell their gem products. Therefore, visitors can visit this place in the early morning around 7am onwards. If you go here on rainy days, the market will be bustling between 8am and 11pm.

Unique beauties are only found in Luc Yen market 

Famous for its beautiful and valuable gemstones, Luc Yen is the most sought after destination by gem dealers. Not only that, it is also one of the famous tourist destinations of Yen Bai that attracts a large number of visitors. This market has many special and attractive things, including some unique and attractive features as follows:

Most of the vendors at the market are women

Trading in gemstones is usually done mainly by men. However, in Luc Yen gemstone market , up to 90% of the direct selling owners are women. They are the people who have been attached for a long time to this famous market. There are people who have sold gems here since the market was first formed.
The men here will perform heavier work. They will be the ones directly exploiting and buying gemstones from other indigenous peoples. Then they bring gems back to their mothers or their wives to sell gemstones to the market.

The ancient beauty of Luc Yen market

Luc Yen gemstone market until today still retains its simple rustic beauty. Because although it is called a gemstone stall, the stall is actually just wooden boards or large stones placed down and the seller will display the gems on top. This is an ancient feature of the market for generations.

The gemstone market is only 50,000 or more

Everyone thinks of its precious stone when it comes to gemstones. However, at Luc Yen Yen Bai market, you can find and buy small raw and unrefined gemstones for only about 50k VND. This is absolutely something you can find if you buy gems at this famous gemstone market.
There are many different gemstones for tourists to choose from. From raw gems to refined, finished cut products. The selling price of the items here will depend on the size and weight that have different selling prices. 
The processed gemstone products will usually be polished or sharpened in many different shapes so that the crafters can make earrings or bracelets ...

Values ​​go with the history of the gemstone market in Luc Yen

Unlike other landmarks in Yen Bai, Luc Yen is the land known as the famous pearl land. It owns a variety of ancient and diverse gems such as Ruby, Spinel, Sapphire or Tuocmaline . These are all extremely rare gemstones of Vietnam and they possess sizes that are not everywhere.

Red Spinel gemstones at Luc Yen gemstone marketRed Spinel gemstones at Luc Yen Yen Bai market
Previously, the people here did not really know the gem source of this land. Only when foreign gem mining and evaluation companies come here to explore and research that Luc Yen really becomes a famous gem mine. Until today, Luc Yen gemstone market is still preserved and is the best evidence for the ups and downs of this land.
Luc Yen Market is also a market where buyers and sellers are very gentle and comfortable. The buying and selling scene has no controversy or competition for customers. The gemstones for sale at the market are very neat and do not have any protective method used. Therefore, the buyer can freely review and bargain for the gemstone products without fear of the unpleasant attitude of the seller. 
Hope that the above suggestions of luhanhvietnam will help to have another unique destination to go when having the opportunity to visit Yen Bai. With many special and interesting things, Luc Yen gemstone market is really a favorite destination for those who want to hunt poisonous, rare and cheap gems.