The beautiful cafes in Phu Quoc are for virtual devotees


Each beautiful cafe in Phu Quoc is not only a place for you to enjoy your favorite drinks, but also a great place for us to immerse in nature, enjoy a peaceful and relaxing space. .
One of the experiences that many people love when traveling to Phu Quoc is discovering super pretty cafes. Each cafe in Phu Quoc is not only a place for you to enjoy your favorite drinks, but also a great place for us to immerse in nature, enjoy an incredible peaceful and relaxed space.

Street Cafe

If you are looking for a beach view cafe in Phu Quoc, then Bien Pho will definitely be the ideal choice for you. Owning a prime location, Bien Pho has a spacious, airy and excellent view. While enjoying the delicious drinks, you will be able to admire the poetic coastal scenery, and especially have the opportunity to see Phu Quoc Cau Dinh - one of the most famous sightseeing places on Pearl Islands.

Beautiful cafes in Phu Quoc you should explorePho Bien Cafe with a very good sea view

In addition to the airy space, the beautiful sea view, Pho Bien cafe also attracts all visitors by a diverse and unique beverage menu. If you come to Phu Quoc, do not forget to visit Pho Bien cafe once to enjoy the wonderful moments of rest and relaxation.

Leaf Cafe

Leaf Cafe is a beautiful cafe in Phu Quoc , captivating all visitors right from the moment they enter by a very unique vintage space. Although the area is quite modest, the extremely intelligent and sophisticated decoration and decor of the restaurant gives us a feeling of intimacy and cozy.
Sitting at La Cafe , you can both enjoy the unique drinks and be immersed in the rustic space, with a little nostalgia. The old bicycles are hung up like a special highlight for the shop, making anyone interested.

Aroi Coffee & Dessert

One of the beautiful cafes in Phu Quoc cannot help but mention that is Aroi Coffee & Dessert. The shop has a fairly large area, divided into three different areas: the air-conditioned room, the sea view area from above and the sitting area right next to the beach. Coming to Aroi Coffee & Dessert you will surely have extremely interesting experiences. Any corner of the shop can become divine background check-in, allowing you to pocket the "million like" virtual live pictures.
One of the things that makes Aroi Coffee & Dessert Phu Quoc so many people love it is because of its delicious cakes. The sponge cake here can be said to be delicious "amazingly cat", with its strange and fatty leopard flavor, making any diners fall in love with it. You can also sample the cheesecake stick here.

Godfather Garden Cafe

Godfather Garden Cafe is a lovely cafe in Phu Quoc located in the heart of the night market and is like the miniature rainforest in the heart of town. That is because the space of the restaurant is always filled with trees, giving visitors a feeling of extremely fresh and comfortable. Sitting in the middle of a green tropical forest, enjoying tropical drinks, cool, cooling your body is a wonderful experience, isn't it?

Lantern Cafe

Talking about beautiful cafes in Phu Quoc is definitely indispensable in the name of Lantern Cafe . Coming here, you will feel like you are set foot in a miniature Hoi An. An ancient wooden house, lanterns hanging overhead, rows of green coconuts, or blooming hibiscus flowers, ... All together to create a simple but charming picture of nature.

The Vintage House

Address: Group 7, Ganh Dau Hamlet, Ganh Dau Commune, Phu Quoc
Although The Vintage House is located quite far from the center of Duong Dong town, it is always considered as one of the virtual living cafes in Phu Quoc you should explore. The shop is designed and decorated in a unique Vintage style, with old and nostalgic items such as oil lamps, cones, cupboards, ... In addition to coffee, The Vintage House also serves delicious milk tea.

Xu Garden - Hostel & Coffee

Xu Garden - Hostel & Coffee is a famous cafe in Phu Quoc designed in the style of beautiful garden cafe. Although the space here is not fussy, it gives you a sense of sophistication and comfort, as if you are immersed in nature and plants.
In addition to selling coffee, Xu Garden also has a modern and fully equipped accommodation system to serve the accommodation needs of visitors when coming to Phu Quoc. Every morning, wake up, immerse yourself in the fresh nature and enjoy delicious coffee, you will definitely feel much more cheerful.

Quynh Tuong - Cafe & Breakfast

This is a beautiful cafe in Phu Quoc , located in the heart of the town. Right from the moment it was opened, Quynh Tuong - Cafe & Breakfast has become very famous thanks to its unique and eye-catching design style from old tires. Not only enjoy delicious drinks, coming here you also get yourself the best photo shoots.
Phu Quoc really has so many interesting and interesting things for us to explore. However, taking some time to relax inside the beautiful cafes in Phu Quoc is always a great experience, making the trip to explore the island of Ngoc more memorable.