Package hastily travel experience Tram Tau - 'Little Bali' extremely chill in Yen Bai


Yen Bai is not only blind in Cang Chai with beautiful terraced fields, but also has many other attractive landscapes. One of the prominent destinations of Yen Bai that has been actively checked-in by devotees over the past time is Tram Tau. 
Tram Tau is an ideal "wind change" place for devotees to travel when coming to Yen Bai. This place has beautiful scenery with famous names such as Tram Tau hot spring, Ta Xua peak, Ta Lead Nhut, Phu Luong mountain ... The natural scenery here is so enchanting people love. If you are planning to travel to Yen Bai  , the Tram Tau travel experience below is information that you should not miss. 

Tram Tau travel experience the most completeTram Tau is an ideal meeting place for fanatics. Photo: @nga_phannn

About Tram Tau Yen Bai

Tram Tau is a remote mountainous district located in the southwest of Yen Bai province, about 31 km from Nghia Lo town. To the west and the south of Tram Tau district it borders with Muong La and Bac Yen districts of Son La province, the East and North borders Van Chan district, the Northwest borders with Mu Cang Chai district. According to Tram Tau tourism experience of many tourists, this district has an area of ​​about 742 km² with a population of more than 21,887 people. Being a mountainous district, people here live mainly by farming, recently tourism services here have also begun to develop thanks to the beautiful natural scenery, fresh and cool air. 

Experience Tram Tau updated 2020Tram Tau's nature is both wild and charming. Photo: @ vhlinh16


The ideal time to travel Tram Tau 

You can travel to Tram Tau in many seasons of the year, but ideally in May to June is the flood season, September to October is the season when the rice is ripe. At these two times, the scenery at Tram Tau is beautiful, so you can freely capture the best moments. 
In addition, this place is also famous for its natural hot springs, so you can refer to Tram Tau travel experience in winter, around December to January to enjoy the characteristic cold and soak in the pool. Natural hot mineral of the Northwestern mountains and forests. 

How to move to Tram Tau 

From Hanoi, you can choose to move to Tram Tau by two basic means of transport: motorbike or passenger car. If you want to ride a motorbike, you should follow the Thang Long route of Hanoi to Highway 21 in Son Tay, to Khe pass of Van Chan district, you continue to follow Nghia Lo street to Tram Tau district. Please note that the experience of traveling Tram Tau is that the road here is mainly mountain, steep and bumpy, so be careful of the steering wheel and prepare carefully before the journey. 

Tram Tau travel experience the most beautiful season of the yearYou can travel by car or motorbike to Tram Tau. Photo: Haydi
For those traveling by bus, you go to My Dinh bus station in Hanoi to catch the bus to Nghia Lo district, from here you rent a motorbike to go to Tram Tau and start the adventure. The bus station running the Hanoi - Nghia Lo (Yen Bai) route you can refer to is Dung Thao garage, Hoa Binh garage 

Travel experience Tram Tau: Accommodation

There are many places to stay to choose from, according to the experience of staying in Tram Tau , you can choose to stay at the homestay or motel in the area. The most famous one is Tram Tau Hot Spring Homestay in zone 5, Tram Tau town. This is the ideal meeting place for you to relax with a beautiful space. Rooms here are lovely stilt houses with many sizes for 2 to 8 people to live in. Accommodation services here include dining for about 300,000 VND / room. 

Update Tram Tau tourism experienceTram Tau Hot Spring Homestay is an ideal place to stay. Photo: @ Yenchee07

Featured destinations in Tram Tau - Yen Bai

Ta Xua 

According to Tram Tau tourism experience shared by many fanatics, this is the most prominent destination that you should visit. Ta Xua located in Ban Cong commune of Tram Tau district is one of the 10 highest mountains in Vietnam with the highest peak of 2865m and is considered as the extreme "dinosaur backbone" of Tram Tau. Traveling to Ta Xua, you can experience trekking to see the majestic natural scenery or hunt clouds to be immersed in the fairy tale world. 

Evil Lead 

If you ever dreamed of being immersed in clouds or a beautiful purple flower paradise, Ta Lead Nhut is the place you should go when traveling in Tram Tau. This mountain peak is 2979m high, located in Xa Ho commune, Tram Tau district. Although the road to conquer this place is not easy, but the dream scenery at the end of the journey will be a worthy reward for you to see. In particular, those who have  experience traveling Tram Tau said that every October, Ta Chinh Nhu will be in the Chi Pau flower season, a romantic flower that turns this place into a paradise garden with a beautiful purple space. .

Experience Tram Tau tourism in Yen BaiThe flowers are blooming in Ta Chinh Nhu Photo: @nga_phannn

Ta Si Lang

This is a commune with 100% H'Mong population with many unique indigenous cultures. Ta Si Lang is located adjacent to Ban Mu of Tram Tau district, located at an altitude of about 2000m above sea level and the terrain is relatively dangerous, but this is a destination that makes believers excited. Coming to Ta Si Lang, in addition to exploring the H'Mong village, culture and typical dishes, admiring the natural scenery here is also a great experience. 

Ban Cu Vai

Cu Vai village is located on a high mountain in Xa Ho commune, Tram Tau district. This village has several dozen households living with 80% H'Mong. The road to the village is always a challenge for fanatics with winding hills. It is also because of the topographical characteristics that the residents here live in harmony with nature and preserve almost intact the wild beauty of the mountains and mountains. Coming to Cu Vai, Tram Tau travel experience  is that you can explore the lives of the indigenous H'Mong people and especially admire the beautiful scenery, people often compare to Cu Vai just you need to give hands out can hunt clouds. 

Blind High, Low Blind

Mu village is located in the west of Tram Tau district, this place has hilly terrain with many beautiful streams. Coming to Mu village, you will be able to see the beautiful scenery with misty wooden stilt houses in the mist, rolling hills. The most lingering thing when you come to the Mu village in Tram Tau is the innocent eyes of the children, the big round eyes, the legs are not worried, making you fall in love. The experience of Tram Tau tourism when coming to a Blind friend is that you should go early because the road to the village is very difficult. 

Tram Tau hot spring 

Coming to Tram Tau without visiting the famous hot spring, your trip has lost 50% of the interesting. This hot spring is located in zone 5, 2km from Tram Tau town. This is a place that you will have to fall in love with from the first visit because of the beautiful scenery, an ecological area hidden in the mist. Besides soaking in natural hot springs, you can see the terraced fields and trees, enjoy the refreshing and pleasant feeling.  

What delicious food to Tram Tau? 

Tram Tau has many attractive specialties for you to taste such as Thai cuisine and Mongolian cuisine. When traveling to Tram Tau Yen Bai , the delicious dishes that you must try here are Tu Le sticky rice, five-color sticky rice with fragrant sweetness and characteristic plasticity.
In addition, Muong Lo roasted muzzle is also a strange specialty here that you should taste. Other attractive dishes such as black banh chung, giant vegetables, stream moss, bamboo shoots rolled meat, shrimp shrimp, castrated rooster, Nam Thia snakehead fish, red rice fish sauce ... are also Yen Bai specialties in Tram Tau interesting. 
Yen Bai in general and Tram Tau in particular is one of the great places on the Northwest tourist map. Hope that the above travel experiences in Tram Tau will help you better understand this land and have a perfect journey here. Come to Tram Tau to explore the beautiful roads and landmarks of this place.