Coming to Ninh Binh's Sunny Valley, get full of brilliant morning rays


Ninh Binh sunny valley is known to be a condensed place of sunlight rays. If you want to find a really new space, do not hesitate to "turn the wheel" here to immerse yourself in the aftertaste of peace. 

Introduction to Ninh Binh Sunny Valley 

Thung Sunny is a place located in Dam Khe village, Ninh Binh. This is a new tourist destination that has been discovered and promoted many tourist activities, so when you come you will see a very unspoiled space. It was this that probably many travelers looking for an idyllic corner space, poetic always choose Thung Sunny Ninh Binh as the destination. 

Many visitors questioned whether the name Ninh Binh Sunny Valley is short for the valley word. However, up to now the question has not been answered exactly. Local people here still call the word "valley" to refer to low-lying places, flooded water and surrounded by majestic mountains. This place is also the area placed in that sense. This place seems to be a separate world, separate from the noisy life. And there there are rays of sunlight shining brightly for a quiet space. 

Going to Ninh Binh's Sunny Valley is the most ideal time? 

Ninh Binh's Sunny Valley has a very poetic beauty thanks to the blue water. There was also a time when this place was yellowed by the brilliantly ripe rice fields. If you do not know when to come here, going from May to June is the ideal answer. 
Coming to this place, you will have the opportunity to see the endless strips of ripe rice with the sweet scent of local fields. This will be a perfect experience if you can climb a certain mountain and see the surrounding natural scenery.

The beauty of Ninh Binh Sunny Valley

Starting from the pier, the lovely wooden boat will take you to the vast space of the sunlit valley. Here the sun shone everywhere, through every branch and leaf, stabbed through thatched roofs and into the water. All of them create a brilliant, peaceful natural shade. Immersed in those moments, you will think that you are in a vast universe and enjoy the purest things of heaven and earth. 
Along the two sides of the path are reeds, grass, and below is a clear cool water stream with rich ecosystems. The flora and fauna here have always remained unspoiled. This is also an attraction for visitors to come here more and more. In the open fields, you will see the image of simple roofs looming amid the vast space. 

gioi-thieu-valley-ninh-binh-Come to Ninh Binh's Sunny Valley to fully enjoy the brilliant rays of morning sun The water here is very green and clear (Photo: ntngocbich_)

Interesting activities when coming to Thung Sunny 

Cruise on the river 

Sailing on the river is the most enjoyable experience when coming to Ninh Binh Sunny Valley . Ticket price per trip is only 15k. If you go to Thach Bich Ninh Binh route, the ticket price is 60k / boat. One boat will carry no more than 4 Vietnamese and 2 international passengers. 
The boatman driving you to visit is also the most proficient guide. They both row and explain about the beautiful scenes, names, meanings and history of the caves. The water here is very clear, if you look down you will see the bottom floor has moss. The two sides of the river are lined with green trees and romantic lilies. If you want to see the Sunny Valley in the blooming lilies season, you must come from April - May. 

Coming to Ninh Binh's Sunny Valley, get full of brilliant morning rays (Photo: website page)

Go "sun hunt" at ideal coordinates 

Right from the name Thung Sunny , many people imagine this is a place with impressive sunlight arrays. The scene here is brilliant and bold with the beauty of the countryside in the North. 
You have just heard or seen, you may not believe it, but if you come by yourself, you will feel that this place is very pure, dazzling in each eye-catching strip of light. The scene here is simple, but not lonely, gorgeous, but not so magnificent. That's why I don't feel bored looking at it forever. 

Visiting the magnificent cave 

After going "sun hunting", you will be able to come to extremely mysterious and sparkling caves. The road to the cave will be covered with pure white flowers. Right outside the cave will be a very cool virtual living place for those who are passionate about photography, the background here will help you bring back beautiful pictures for free. When the boat reaches the entrance of the cave you will be equipped with a flashlight to enter the adventure. The cave is quite dark, so you need a light to find your way and see the sparkling stalactites. 
When the boat starts to slowly enter the cave, you will feel a cold stream of air, extremely refreshing. The atmosphere at this time will soothe the heat when hunting the sun. Getting inside the stalactites falling down is beautiful. The ceiling of the cave is quite low so you can touch the stalagmites and stalactites with excitement. The cave discovery journey really feels like getting lost in a 3D movie, right? 

Visiting Thoong Sunny Temple 

Take a boat about 100m and you will come to Thoong Nang Temple . It is not too much to say that it is difficult to find a temple architecture that has such a peaceful and peaceful natural scenery. The temple can lean back against the mountain. Standing from the temple, you can fully see the most beautiful things in the upper thousands of Sunny Valley. This temple is the place to worship Tran Trach Son Lam and Lord Thuong Ngan. Besides Thoong Sunny, you can visit Voi temple or Trang An ecological area.  

Visit Thung Nham bird garden 

In the journey to discover Thung Sunny,  you combine to Thung Nham . With only about 1km by boat, you will reach Thung Chim located in Thung Nham. Here you will see a lot of birds. The scene here is very lively like an excellent ink painting. The afternoon is the best time to come here when the birds will fly back to nest 
At about 17:00, the flock of birds such as storks, storks, cauldrons, cranes, ... in turn, shaded the sky. Here you can also experience recreational services such as garden travel, mangrove tours, ... 
Ninh Binh's Sunny Valley is the perfect combination between ecotourism and spiritual tourism. This is a worthy choice for souls who want to immerse themselves in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. If you have a chance to travel to Ninh Binh , come here one day to catch all the warm rays of sunshine and absolute clear space.