Marvel at the surreal beauty of Australia seen from above


You can only see the beauty of Australia from above for a while by plane, but the following photos will help you travel from afar, to Australia big and unique!
Richard Woldendorp is a photographer who has the opportunity to capture the  beauty of Australia from above. He said: "The Australian landscape has always fascinated me. There is something about its spaciousness, style, lighting and uniqueness. I have an interest in aerial perspective, and every flight is back. 

The beauty of Australia seen from above through pictures

Australia has always had an attraction and is subtly different from other destinations in the world and it gives you the astonishing feeling that "the evolution of the landscape", they are always changing. Like the rest of the world, it has gone through many stages to become what it is today but it is constantly changing despite a very old landscape. It is the flattest and driest continent compared to other countries, large rivers, huge mountains and drastic changes of seasons.
The pictures of  Australian beauty seen from above can show evolution and geographic variations. Nature is a wonderful thing, observing and experiencing it can stimulate our creative senses, which is beneficial for you and the environment in which you live!
For example, the pink lake in Australia below, there are many factors that determine the color of a pink lake. Mainly, it relies on the right temperature balance for bacteria and algae to thrive, thereby encouraging the secretion of their natural red pigments into the water. 

Admire the beauty of Australia seen from abovePink Lake, northwestern Esperance, Western Australia. This is the natural color of the salt lake.

There are many Australian tourist attractions  worth seeing whether they are rivers, coastal plains or deserts - all of which change seasonally and at different times of day. These places depicting Australian beauty from above give a magical feeling of such a complex, diverse and beautiful world.
There are many ways to highlight  Australia's beautiful landscape from above.  That gives you a more impressive view of the tourist sites that have been past but do not know it has such charm when viewed from above.
In addition,  the beauty of Australia seen from above also allows us to examine the impact of humanity on Earth. Some objects such as mining, industry, and agriculture may appear mundane on the ground, but when viewed from above it can become a masterpiece in abstraction that is not normally known by their creator. .
Ningaloo is home to the world's largest coral reef, with nowhere else on the planet you can easily access a large coral reef. What's more, it has entered the UNESCO World Heritage List for its incredible biodiversity and is one of the few places in the world where you can swim with the largest fish in the ocean, the whale shark.
The picturesque Dumbleyung Lake became famous in the 1960s when Donald Campbell broke the water speed record on his Bluebird boat traveling at 444.66 km per hour.
Drive along Lake Dumbleyung, which will take you to Sand Dunes. Here, you will enjoy a breathtaking view of this vast body of water, the largest body of water in Western Australia. In this picture of  the beauty of Australia seen from above it turns pink again after being turned into a saltwater lake a long time ago.

Admire the beauty of Australia seen from aboveThe tip of Curtis Island, Cape Capricorn, northeast of Gladstone, Queensland. This figure depicts an estuary with a sandbank. 

This Curtis Island has seen many changes over the years, from a cattle ranching station, to an existing liquefied natural gas hub and to plans to develop a luxury resort on the island in the future. It is possibly the Gladstone region's best secret.