Explore the beauty of the Matterhorn mountain peak - the symbol of Switzerland


Referring to Switzerland, people will definitely think of the beautiful Matterhorn mountain, next to the high-end watches or the most prestigious banking system in the world that has become a symbol of this country.

The magnificent beauty of the Matterhorn mountain peak - the Swiss symbol

Switzerland is a country with most of the area higher than sea level with three quarters of its terrain is mountainous. Even many Swiss tourists  commented that no matter where they stand, they can see the mountain.

That is why the life and activities of the Swiss people are not only associated with beautiful lakes stretching across the country such as Blausee , Lake Lugano, but also inseparable from the peaks, especially Matterhorn mountain. Even the top of the mountain voted the most beautiful in the world has become a symbol of Switzerland.
The Matterhorn is located on the Swiss-Italian border. This Swiss tourist destination is not the highest mountain in the Alps but this mountain top possesses beautiful scenery that is rare elsewhere. First of all, the mountain has a rather distinctive shape. From a distance, the mountain appeared like a pyramid created from natural hands with four triangular faces converging at the top. It is also a strange attraction with the edges of the mountain seemingly cut precisely with a giant knife of creation. Another special feature is the four faces of the Matterhorn as if they were the four East-West-South-North of a giant compass.
Every time you admire the scenery at dawn or sunset, you will feel as if the mountain is rising out of the ground and rising higher and higher beyond the surrounding until it becomes a magnificent spire in the sky. Since all four sides of the mountain are very steep, there is very little snow and ice sticking in, making the appearance of the mountain more distinctive and impressive. Although not the highest, but at an altitude of 4,478m above sea level, the Matterhorn mountain is always on the list of the highest peaks of Switzerland in particular and of Europe in general with steep slopes.

Discover the beauty of the Matterhorn mountain peak, the symbol of SwitzerlandThe Matterhorn is shaped like a pyramid with four triangular faces converging on one vertex.

If you stand on the Matterhorn on sunny days with clear blue skies, you will see the whole of Mont Blanc with snow-capped peaks all year round. This is a rare opportunity in life because you can admire the two highest mountains at the same time in the Alps. Because Mont Blanc is 4810m high and is by far the highest peak of the famous European mountain range.

Journey to conquer the top of Matterhorn mountain

From past to present, conquering the heights, experiencing the feeling of overcoming challenges and overcoming obstacles has always been a human goal. Therefore, crossing seemingly endless glaciers, climbing up to the towering peaks is always the desire of those who love to explore, adventure and love nature. Especially in Switzerland - the country where from big cities like Bern , Zurich to small snow-covered small towns like Zermatt have high mountains and deep lakes, conquering beautiful sites is a favorite activity.
The first conquests of the Matterhorn mountain took place in 1865. However, this journey was not easy, quite dangerous and led to many incidents. Even so, the first climbs changed the mountain forever. Since then, the Matterhorn has ceased to be a completely isolated and desolate place. This place has become a destination that all famous and ambitious climbers aspire to at least once.
Especially since the late 19th century, when the railway was built and widely popular, the Matterhorn conquest has attracted many tourists and a large number of mountain climbers. As well as visiting Iseltwald after a fever called Landing in the UK or the festivals in Switzerland that attract large numbers of visitors, conquering the highest peaks of this beautiful country are soaring. 
Today, you can easily reach a small top of the Matterhorn mountain thanks to a special train track. From here you can freely admire the famous peak of this pyramid shape. Although there are no official statistics, but according to many tourists, Switzerland's Matterhorn mountain is photographed the most in the world, Mount Fuji of Japan is second only.

Explore the land of white snow at the foot of Matterhorn mountain

The nearest town located at the foot of Matterhorn is Zermatt snow-capped land. From this fairyland, you will take the cable car up to the Matterhorn and enjoy the magnificent view of the mountain as well as the romantic surrounding landscape.
Most Swiss tours, discovering the fascinating Matterhorn start in the town of Zermatt and end at the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise. This journey takes about 40-45 minutes (not to mention the time to stop for a walk at each stage).
The first stop of this exciting trip is Furi at 1867m. First you will pass through forests and green grasslands outside the town of Zermatt. After that, you will switch to another cable car and continue cable cruising over the forests and across the rocky plateau with undulating high mountains, to a height of 2939m, near just in front of the Upper Theodul glacier. This is the Trockener Steg station. At this place, most visitors choose to stop for a long time to admire the breathtaking scenery of the Matterhorn mountain.
Leaving Trockener Steg stop, visitors can also pass many other stops to reach the top of Matterhorn mountain such as: Klein Matterhorn (also known as small Matterhorn peak), Breithorn and Theodul. If the top of Matterhorn mountain is not covered with snow because the four sides are steep, the Theodul area is covered with snow all year round. Therefore, when you come here, do not be too surprised to see many people ski even in the summer. Also, do not miss the experience to visit Glacier Palace. Because at a depth of 15 meters below the surface of the glacier there is a large iceberg that anyone who comes here admires and feels interesting to see.
And finally, to reach the top of Klein Matterhornm, where you can freely see the highest peak in Switzerland, you have to board a cable car of the highest category in Europe. This trip takes guests to visit Europe's leading golf course (Glacier Paradise) atop Klein Matterhorn. Then when you exit the garage door, you will officially step through hundreds of metal steps built into the cliffs of Klein Matterhorn Glacier Paradise and enjoy a 360 degree panoramic view of the majestic Alps. This area is located between three European countries, Switzerland, Italy and France. A total of 38 mountain peaks with an altitude of 4000m can be observed here. Prepare yourself in advance, as you will definitely be overwhelmed by the beautiful surrounding scenery, with high mountains, glaciers and eternal white snow.
The cable car ride up to the Klien Matterhorn is already fascinating, but visitors can easily feel the excitement while walking around the town of Zermatt. This beautiful, snow-covered town just below Switzerland's highest mountain has countless old wooden houses placed on four small poles in four corners with cement pedestals below, as shown from our childhood fairy tales that all of us have heard.
It is even more interesting when you discover that at any angle of the Zermatt travel itinerary , there is always the Matterhorn peak following you. And the most impressive is probably the moment you stop at a certain pub down town, enjoy a glass of draft beer, while "drinking" the image of the Matterhorn through a clear beer in the middle of winter in Switzerland .

Discover the beauty of the Matterhorn mountain peak, the symbol of SwitzerlandThe town of Zermatt appears shimmering at night.

A little suggestion for you when going to the town of Zermatt and conquering the top of Matterhorn mountain is to choose a campsite if you want to save money. Because the standard of living in Switzerland is so high, even small hotels can be quite expensive. Furthermore, these campsites are very clean and fully equipped. Choosing this resting spot will save you a considerable amount of money while enjoying the peaceful nature right next to you, spoiling yourself to sleep with a gentle breeze, letting your soul fall into the murmuring sound of rows of trees or funny gossip of the surrounding stream.
After hours of experience the majestic and immense beauty of the Matterhorn mountain and visiting all over Zermatt, most Swiss tourists feel the fresh air of the beautiful mountains together with the tranquility. Nowhere else is the difference.
Especially when having gone through the peaceful days in the land without a motor vehicle, very little smoke and pollution, where you just need to look around, a beautiful picture of nature appears with the top. Towering mountains, stretching glaciers, nearby lovely wooden houses as appearing from fairy tales, sometimes there are a few young shepherds and herds of sheep and goats leisurely walking between the The fields, all of which make an unforgettable impression on your visit to Switzerland's highest mountain.