Go to Kawah Putih volcanic lake to feel the beautiful scenery to surreal


Kawah Putih volcano in Bandung is always the place where visitors are overwhelmed by the dreamy beauty. 
The state of thousands of islands in Indonesia  is a great destination to explore the majestic natural landscape. After going into the forest and going to the sea, I moved my schedule to West Java to see one of Indonesia's most spectacular volcanic lakes - Kwa Potia.

Move to Bandung

To get to Bandung City, you have to fly from Vietnam to Jakarta. Currently, there are no direct flights from Saigon to Jakarta so you need to move to Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. Airlines operating this route include Jetstar, Malindo Air or Scoot Air. 
After landing in Jakarta, you can consult some very convenient measures in Bandung:
The epic train happened:
With the increasing trend of tourist destinations, people are also focusing on using many measures for Bandung such as buses, trains including airplanes. However, the most popular means is trains, because it is always "punctual", a luxury for Southeast Asia's most populous residents when it is always dealing with this situation. 
One downside of taking the train is that it runs out of tickets quickly, leaves the train station, has to queue and wait for a long time, so the Kawah Putih Island travel experience is to download the Tiket app to your phone for easy tracking. Advance tickets and online tickets "Factory" Go to the station to get tickets later. Don't worry about paying, if you don't have an international credit card or Indonesian home card, you can go to convenience stores like Indomaret or Alfamart to pay for an hour's fare. 
The train departing from Gambir Station to Bandung Station is Argo Farhiyangan 22, departing from 5 am to 20:00. I took the train at 8:45 with the fare of Rp 110,000 and it took about 3 hours and 15 minutes to arrive.
Unexpectedly, despite the acquisition of the "economic" department, this cabin is so convenient that the use of air-conditioned seats, phone chargers and Wi-Fi rooms still works smoothly. Drinking water is served on board. Another addition to the Carthage Epic rail system is that the toilets are clean, almost odorless. A more friendly team will help you if needed.
This is the type of vehicle I chose for my return trip; Car company Xtrans takes guests directly from Bandung to Soekarno Hatta International Airport. It's a shuttle bus - runs smoothly without stopping at stations on the road except for refueling time. The car moves on the Bandung - Jakarta highway and falls to the airport gate. The bus departs every hour at De Batara hotel about 5 km from the city center and one way ticket is Rp 150,000.

Move to Kawah Putih volcano

There are 3 ways to travel to Kava Potia for an independent trip: Take a bus or taxi or motorbike. If you go alone like me you can choose a motorbike to move conveniently, if you go with a group of friends in the taxi will be "top of the list", also share the head quite cheap. 
If you travel by bus, you go to Leuwi Panjang Station to find a small bus - locals called Angkot to go to Ci Worldwidey or Kawah Putih and vice versa. The one way ticket price is Rp 50,000 per person.
An interesting tip: the corner only works if there are countless customers or ... depending on your mood so you should consider the time.

Visiting the volcanic lake Kawah Putih

The price for a visit to the lake is Rp 90,000, including a shuttle running to the top of the volcano. 
The road to the lake winding, filled with ferns and old trees. After about 10 minutes 5 km, you will be surprised to see the whole view  of Kwa Potia volcano  .
The lake is quite wide and surrounded by towering mountains. The color of the lake changes with sulfur concentration. You will be amazed at how unique the turquoise to milky white water color changes, it's no exaggeration to say that  Kwa Potia volcano  brings surreal beauty. 
In addition to the "No smoking" and "No swimming" warnings, you may want to visit the lake for up to 15 minutes if you do not want to breathe sulfur gas. However, because I couldn't resist the beauty of Kwa Potia, I stayed here for almost an hour while staying away from the water to stay healthy.
Quick tip:  There is a lot of mud on the lake, carefully moving from deep feet into the mud like a game
There are also many dry trees around the lake, which cannot be inferred due to strong sunlight or strong sulfur gas. Anyway, it is also a great backdrop for magical and sparkling photos, plus a strange blue watercolor enough to challenge the beauty of every  "great love" version  in Vietnam.
In addition to the dry trees, Kwa Potia is surrounded by lush green trees like primary forest surrounding the crater. You can walk on a wooden bridge in the middle of the lake (for a fee) or challenge yourself on a 500-foot suspension bridge spanning Kentish forest. There is enough for your entertainment and "virtual life" here. 

Some notes when traveling to Kawah Putih volcano

- Rupiah exchange rate of 1 = VND 1.65 depending on the hour
Jakarta and Bandung are in Vietnam time zone
- Buy a SIM card at the airport or the train station to order if needed. In addition, free wifi is provided in many public places.
- Traffic in Bandung is quite chaotic due to roads and small ramps. They drive on the left, pretty much the traffic police if you rent a car to be independent.
- Most Indonesians are Muslim, respect their religion and it is not surprising that most people eat with their bare hands.
- Many people in Bandung do not know English; Be enthusiastic and describe by your hand, they are very friendly and warm so they are still willing to show you.
And remember, paying is an unforgettable experience when traveling.
- If you have time, visit Strawberry Hill to enjoy plump strawberries or colonial green tea hills of the Dutch colonial period still in Bandung.


Kwa Putia is just one of many volcanoes  on the island of Java  , but not so that Bandung became arid and full of rugged hills. Bandung is an especially beautiful city that if you become familiar, the Kwa Potia volcano  is only the beginning of this journey.